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Bitcoin Wallet ( - Best for Mobile users

Emily Jones
Emily Jones
September 14, 2021
1 min


Why Bitcoin wallet: We feature Bitcoin wallet as the best for mobile users because it makes on-the-move access and spending easy.


Bitcoin wallet by is one of the most secure and easy-to-use crypto vaults for mobile phone users. It is built on an open-sourced code and encrypts the Bitcoin private keys before storing them on your mobile device.

It is Bluetooth enabled, making it possible for users to send and receive Bitcoins while offline. For maximum privacy, Bitcoin wallet embraces the Orbot app from TOR and derives its maximum-security guarantee from its support for the new Becnch32 SegWit.

In addition to storing your Bitcoin private keys, the Bitcoin wallet app also lets you buy, sell, trade, invest, and spend these digital assets. It lets you buy more BTC via credit cards, payment apps, or bank within the app. further lets you swap BTC for USD Stable coins to escape volatile price action. It reflects your balance in BTC, mBTC, and uBTC, with the option of converting it to multiple international currencies.


  • Encrypts and stores coins in your mobile device.
  • You can switch between BTC and local currencies, easing in-store payments.
  • Bitcoin wallet features a highly intuitive and navigable user interface.


  • Exposed to inherent online threats, including malware attacks and hacking.
  • App-based crypto vaults like Bitcoin wallet have been labeled the least secure method of storing digital assets.
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Emily Jones

Emily Jones

Senior Researcher

Emily bought her first Bitcoin in 2011 and hasn't looked back yet. Emily leads the Evening Star crypto research team and has a wealth of knowledge about Bitcoin and the up-and-coming altcoins dominating the market.
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