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Best Crypto Wallet: Top 10 Bitcoin Wallets for 2021 [Ranked]

Looking to store your Bitcoin in a safe place? We've analyzed the best Bitcoin wallets on the market right now so you can decide between all the hot, cold, hardware and software wallets available.
September 14, 2021


ProviderTypeHardware Wallet CompabilitySecurityOur Score
Ledger Nano X - Best Overall Cryptocurrency WalletBitcoin WalletYes
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Bitcoin Wallet ( - Best for Mobile usersSoftware WalletYes
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Type: Yes
Hardware Wallet Compability: Yes
Security: A++
Score: 10
Type: Yes
Hardware Wallet Compability: No
Security: A+
Score: 7
Transaction Fees:
Currencies Available:
Transaction Fees:
Currencies Available:

Given the large number of crypto wallets in circulation today, finding the best for your Bitcoins can overwhelm even an experienced investor.

Finding a good wallet becomes especially hard when different they all integrate dissimilar but equally important features. How then do you settle with just one Bitcoin wallet when they all have different strengths?

To help you arrive at this decision, we will explain the different factors that PRO Bitcoin investors use when finding the best wallet. We will then narrow down this search by providing you with a list of what we consider to be the 10 best Bitcoin wallets today.

Read on.

What PRO Investors Look for in a Bitcoin Wallet

What do you consider a must-have for any Bitcoin wallet? Let us highlight some of the factors that exert Bitcoin traders and investors look for in a Bitcoin wallet and what you too should consider a must-have for any wallet:

  • Security: You need to look at what the Bitcoin wallet developer says and vet the wallet security thoroughly. In such a case, you will want to check if it is built on an open-sourced code, if it is hierarchically deterministic, its code has been audited, and if they have a standby team to check and fix bugs and loopholes. It is also important that the wallet embraces multi-factor authentication for logins and funds transfer.
  • Reputation: When vetting a wallet’s reputation you will want to know that it is developed by professionals of solid repute. You will also want to check if it has ever been hacked and if yes, the measures the developers took to prevent another breach.
  • Access to your coins: You must also check if the wallet is custodial (stores coins on your behalf) or non-custodial (encrypts the BTC coins and gives you control over them). You are better off with a non-custodial and where possible, go for one that stores these encrypted keys to your BTC offline.
  • Ease of use: After fulfilling all these features, the wallet should also be easy to use. It should have a highly intuitive interface that is easily navigable, making it easy to interact with for both beginner and professional BTC investors.

10 Best Bitcoin wallets for 2021

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