Automated Personal Finance

Today I am finally switching from Capital One because of the broken integration with Plaid. For people who don’t understand, Plaid is a service which makes it effortless for programs to connect to a bank accounts. So, if you would like to do anything interesting your bank does not offer (spending analytics, smart transfers, etc)… Continue reading Automated Personal Finance

Getting Right for What’s to Come

Fred and Albert simply posted their yearly posts on predictions and problems to undertake for the forthcoming decade. Both are great, and considering all that we’ll have to do to in the coming decade is both inspiring and intimidating. Before I could even think about these kinds of things and how to approach them, I Want to Appear on the private side… Continue reading Getting Right for What’s to Come

Adversarial Interoperability

I’ve been frustrated that there have appeared to be two parallel and separate conversations happening: the”traditional” digital rights / net freedom community speaking about”re-decentralizing the net” and the blockchain/crypto community working on precisely the identical thing. I like the EFF’s recent work since they’re connecting both discussions, and their year in review is a fantastic… Continue reading Adversarial Interoperability

Slides: Crypto @ Harvard Kennedy School

The course is DPI-662: Digital Government: Technology, Policy, and Public Service Innovation educated by my old buddy David Eaves along with the subject in recent years has been around Cryptonetworks and Blockchains. I’m always amazed at the people in the course — incredible diversity of backgrounds from all over the world. And as we’ve discussed crypto over the last… Continue reading Slides: Crypto @ Harvard Kennedy School

The Butter Thesis

In USVwe speak a lot about our investment thesis. The USV thesis is a set of ideas that has guided our investing through the years. It’s a tool we use to help ourselves understand what to search for, and to assist businesses who fit into it to find us. Despite all the writing we’ve done… Continue reading The Butter Thesis

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The Trust Equation

This week was the yearly USV CEO Summit, one of my favourite moments of each year (unusually, this was my 8th summit, and they appear to get better and better).  We’ve been spending plenty of time considering the idea of trust, what we mean by it, and how we believe it can develop into an… Continue reading The Trust Equation

Setting up a system

Like most people, I’ve fought through the years to develop a organizational/productivity system is effective for me. Disclaimer: I don’t have it down perfectly, and’m not asserting guru status. However, I do have a couple items that have worked fairly nicely, and I’ve noticed several things that others do this appear to function, so I’ll… Continue reading Setting up a system

The power of community

It may sound like a fluffy word or concept, but it is actually really powerful. Maybe stronger than many things. When people are connected, they feel good and warm, and part of something larger than themselves. When people are adapting , all the unique efforts increases the whole general effort, and that means you’ve got… Continue reading The power of community

What decentralization is good for (part 3): growth

Picking up the series on which decentralization is great for (part 1, component two ), today I would like to concentrate on one of the most exciting features of decentralization: expansion.  In cases like this, when I say”decentralized”, what I actually mean is”open and non-proprietary”.  Ok, so why are open, decentralized systems especially great for growth? When… Continue reading What decentralization is good for (part 3): growth