MX Conference

MX stands for Managing Expertise and is targeted at people like managers of creative teams trying to generate great user experiences. The conference is put on by the people at Flexible Course, that have a reasonable amount of experience managing expertise. Location: OK, this isn’t a small detail, but it was a significant one. The… Continue reading MX Conference

Carbon Tax Center Redesign

We Found a redesign of This Carbon Tax Center Site. The main aim was to make a more impactful homepage which communicates CTC’s mission fast and clearly. In doing this, we reworked the website header (to eliminate distracting and unncessary images ), and crispened up the typography. CTC has been receiving a great deal of… Continue reading Carbon Tax Center Redesign

The Professional Basketball Players at Make Music NY

The Expert Basketball Players were pleased to participate in Create Music New York yesterday, the first incarnation of the global music festival in NYC. We had a terrific time playing in the Liz Christy Community Garden about the Lower East Side — thanks to everybody there for usand to everyone who braved the rain and… Continue reading The Professional Basketball Players at Make Music NY

Streetfilms Launched

I am pleased to announce the launching of StreetFilms, the new house of Clarence Eckerson’s short movies about Livable Streets, and yet another website from the New York City Streets Renaissance family. Back once I was in school, riding the CalTrain to San Jose for work, I believed that one day I’d create Public Service… Continue reading Streetfilms Launched

Supporting Women Artists Project

Supporting Women Artists Project (SWAP) is a brand new nonprofit organization that provides free studio space for women artists in exchange for mentoring young women that are interested in artwork. They are only gearing up for their first year, and so are currently accepting donations on line . Way to go Frannie and Andrea!

Streetsblog Launched

I’m pleased to announce the launching of another excellent NYC site: StreetsBlog.A project of this NYC Streets Renaissance Campaign and edited from NYC transportation/planning blogger Aaron Naparstek, this website is going to have a crucial look at transport issues in our region. I have been a fan of Aaron’s writing for a while, therefore it… Continue reading Streetsblog Launched

Museum Mile Festival

In case you haven’t heard of it, then the Museum Mile Festival is coming again this June 13th. Each June, 23 cubes of 5th Avenue (between 82nd & 105th Streets) are shut to get a giant block party — fairly magnificent. Each of the museums across the shuttle available to the general public, and now… Continue reading Museum Mile Festival