Changing seasons

Today is the final day of September, and I am happy and relieved to see it move. I have been holding my breath. That might seem like a ridiculous thing to say, but I think there is some truth in it. A whole lot of pent-up energy on Earth. September is hurricane season, and this… Continue reading Changing seasons

Optimizing for energy

In the world of startups and investing and thoughts, things are always chaotic and fluid, and as such a key ability is to somehow cut through the noise and find focus.  This might be true in other areas, but I find it to be particularly true on the investing side, where scenarios are undefined, and… Continue reading Optimizing for energy

The Next Web Amsterdam: Purpose, Mission & Strategy

Last month, I went into the (most amazing city in the world) Amsterdam, to talk at The second Web Conference. I did two talks, one in a sub-event centered on tech & social problems, on the subject of Data & Power, which I will post as it comes online, and a main stage talk on the… Continue reading The Next Web Amsterdam: Purpose, Mission & Strategy

A little better every day

It’s been amazing to see that this group of 7 and 8 year olds improve over the course of this season — studying the fundamentals and now beginning to create some pretty great plays. I had a excellent baseball coach for a kid. I will never forget the sensation of getting the trainer show us… Continue reading A little better every day

Where do web standards come from?

I have spent the better part of the past six years considering where web standards come from. Before joining USV, I was in the (now retired) urban technology incubator OpenPlans, in which, among other things, we worked to further”open” technology solutions, such as open data formats and internet protocols. The two largest standards we worked… Continue reading Where do web standards come from?

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OuiShareFest Paris: Venture Capital vs. Community Capital

The subject of this year’s festival is”lost in transition”, and the prevailing feeling from the community this is an increasing concern about the relationship between peer market platforms and participants, especially regarding distribution of value, management, etc.. This isn’t really a huge surprise, given the big financings and shocking valuations that lots of corporate platforms… Continue reading OuiShareFest Paris: Venture Capital vs. Community Capital

The Indie Web

I like the idea that the internet makes it feasible to become an indie musician, dj or filmmaker, to be an indie craftspersonor maker , an indie journalist, writer, or an Cartoon scientist. At USV, we’ve got a word for all this, which is only”networks”. That is great and powerful as an investment thesis, but it is actually rather abstract as… Continue reading The Indie Web