A fundamental concept on the world wide web is Layering. All the protocols in the net stack talks to the layer directly above and below it new protocols could be used as long as they talk the language of their coating. Protocols at the same layer can be updated so long as they do not… Continue reading Layers

The path to decentralization: self-destructing companies

In June, the SEC gave a number of its most tangible advice so far that cryptoassets can begin as centralized jobs, possibly originally sold under regulations, and finally become”decentralized” and thus no more sponsor-controlled, and no longer sold or transferred under regulations. It is logical that a decentralized protocol doesn’t match the definition of a… Continue reading The path to decentralization: self-destructing companies

just_work = true

One of my former coworkers, Rob Marianski, and I used to get a running joke — we’d be constructing and debugging something, and he would finally say,”Oh, so you want me to place just_work = true?” . (as an aside, I have always believed would make a fantastic blog title, and actually purchased the… Continue reading just_work = true


Ryan Caldbeck is on fire Twitter at the moment. Over the weekend he set up a excellent diagram-oriented tweetstorm with a whole lot of gems in it. Focus. It is among the most frequent topics of conversation with startups, at board meetings, in pitches, etc.. Everybody wants to succeed at everything, right now, so there’s… Continue reading Focus

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Finding your discomfort zone

I’ve been down in DC the past couple of weeks, among other things, speaking to lawmakers and regulators about cryptonetworks and cryptocurrencies. Included in that, I have been spending plenty of time with lawyers — especially securities lawyers — getting into depth on issues such as the definition of an”investment contract” and case law such… Continue reading Finding your discomfort zone

A bigger container

An idea I Enjoy from Zen Buddhism is becoming a Larger Container. My understanding of the idea is that: There are a good deal of difficult/bad/sad/scary things happening in the world, which range from serious global problems, war, famine, terrorism, etcto matters in your city such as homelessness or joblessnes; to matters on your loved ones,… Continue reading A bigger container

Teaching kids to invest

I have written a lot about why it’s expensive to be poor, why we are in need of better tools for handling money, and how to maneuver out of a labour mindset into a funding mindset. A major takeaway for me is that amassing wealth is not only a functional activity, it is a mindset… Continue reading Teaching kids to invest

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Deb was a remarkably sweet, caring and giving person. The room was decorated — to the hilt — with butterflies, hearts, and ribbons, all in her favorite color purple, and has been covered in notes of love and admiration from students, colleagues and parents. During and after the ceremony, I was overwhelmed by two feelings:… Continue reading Service