Deb was a remarkably sweet, caring and giving person. The room was decorated — to the hilt — with butterflies, hearts, and ribbons, all in her favorite color purple, and has been covered in notes of love and admiration from students, colleagues and parents. During and after the ceremony, I was overwhelmed by two feelings:… Continue reading Service

Changing seasons

Today is the final day of September, and I am happy and relieved to see it move. I have been holding my breath. That might seem like a ridiculous thing to say, but I think there is some truth in it. A whole lot of pent-up energy on Earth. September is hurricane season, and this… Continue reading Changing seasons

Optimizing for energy

In the world of startups and investing and thoughts, things are always chaotic and fluid, and as such a key ability is to somehow cut through the noise and find focus.  This might be true in other areas, but I find it to be particularly true on the investing side, where scenarios are undefined, and… Continue reading Optimizing for energy

The joy of fixing things up

I’m on a plane at the moment, seeing house renovation shows on HGTV, considering how much pleasure it would be to fix up things. Doing jobs around the home (past year I constructed an outdoor staircase and created fresh kitchen countertops, the year before that I constructed a mudroom), coding and buding programs, and functioning… Continue reading The joy of fixing things up

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A little better every day

It’s been amazing to see that this group of 7 and 8 year olds improve over the course of this season — studying the fundamentals and now beginning to create some pretty great plays. I had a excellent baseball coach for a kid. I will never forget the sensation of getting the trainer show us… Continue reading A little better every day