7 decades back on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, I wrote this article about the thoughts in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Now I went back to the letter and re-read it, and another section stood out , one which is really deep well beyond the context of civil rights: We’re caught in an inescapable network of… Continue reading Mutuality

Automated Personal Finance

Today I am finally switching from Capital One because of the broken integration with Plaid. For people who don’t understand, Plaid is a service which makes it effortless for programs to connect to a bank accounts. So, if you would like to do anything interesting your bank does not offer (spending analytics, smart transfers, etc)… Continue reading Automated Personal Finance

The power of community

It may sound like a fluffy word or concept, but it is actually really powerful. Maybe stronger than many things. When people are connected, they feel good and warm, and part of something larger than themselves. When people are adapting , all the unique efforts increases the whole general effort, and that means you’ve got… Continue reading The power of community

Speaking page

I Have been doing more People speaking Lately, and Eventually assembled videos into One place: As I look at this list, I understand that I have been doing plenty of talking in Europe. Obviously, I understand this, since I had been there, but did not quite realize the blueprint that most of my newly talking… Continue reading Speaking page

Support services for the Indie Economy

Over the course of the past year, I have been interviewed a whole lot of times about the”peer economy” or the”sharing economy” (Fastco, Wired, NY Times, PBS Newshour), with the majority of the focus on the public policy considerations of this, specifically public security regulations and the effect on labour. A question which comes up each time is:”are… Continue reading Support services for the Indie Economy

Momentum on my mind

“do you think it’s far better to build your career around skills or about ideas?” . Brittany immediately said”abilities” and I instantly said”thoughts”. We argued about it for a couple of minutes, and we both agreed that ideas and skills are equally important (duh) and you could naturally build either side in parallel. “you need… Continue reading Momentum on my mind


One of my Coworkers at The Open Planning Project, Sebastian Benthall, has started blogging over at Digifesto. Seb is one sharp cookie, so keep an eye on this site for lots of fantastic web gems — the site will be focusing on”the way the web and open source software may be used by civil society… Continue reading Digifesto