The Blockchain as verified public timestamps

Each bitcoin transaction is stored at a public ledger, which ledger is confirmed and maintained by each one the computers participating in the Bitcoin network. This”chain” of trades is referred to as the blockchain, and every transaction is fundamentally a public timestamp that may contain data. The key facets of the blockchain’s timestamps are: decentralized… Continue reading The Blockchain as verified public timestamps

Anti-workflow apps

“Workflow” programs hold as much promise. When it’s a CRM, project management tool, to-do list, or another tool, the guarantee in every instance is to clean up our cluttered lives and help us become more organized and powerful. The issue, however, is that getting people to adopt a workflow is actually really hard. That is… Continue reading Anti-workflow apps

The Indie Web

I like the idea that the internet makes it feasible to become an indie musician, dj or filmmaker, to be an indie craftspersonor maker , an indie journalist, writer, or an Cartoon scientist. At USV, we’ve got a word for all this, which is only”networks”. That is great and powerful as an investment thesis, but it is actually rather abstract as… Continue reading The Indie Web