Proof of Transfer (PoX)

Last week, the Blockstack team officially rolled out their proposal for a new mining mechanism for its Stacks blockchain named Proof of Transport (PoX). In addition to this blog article, you can read the entire PoX white paper and the Stacks Improvement Proposal (SIP-007) that details the thought. PoX is a method of building new… Continue reading Proof of Transfer (PoX)

The Great Shift to Video

It’s been astonishing (and mostly encouraging) to see virtually every activity which may be shifted to video start to go there. Within the past few days, in our home, we have seen the following: Piano lesson over FaceTime Band clinic over Zoom Many company calls over Zoom Scavenger hunt over FaceTime Academic and enjoyable courses… Continue reading The Great Shift to Video

The Friendly Wake-up Call

Last year around this timeI had a leading medical scare that shook me quite hard. The facts do not matter, however, the takeaway was that later I felt blessed to haven’t had a more severe problem, despite having a poor situation that was completely preventable. It turned out to be a wake-up telephone. Last weekI… Continue reading The Friendly Wake-up Call

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Getting Alignment

I’m flying home from Europe now (by way of Reykjavik) and because of this, have a whole lot of time to catch up on things. I’ve spent the majority of the day writing a couple of plan docs relating to a number of our portfolio companies and then chatting about them. In every endeavor, whether… Continue reading Getting Alignment


I’m in the Netherlands this week, grabbing up the Leap technology team that’s located here in Utrecht, also attending an IoT seminar that Helium is going to probably be in in Amsterdam. I’ve always loved it , primarily due to the close connection to the water. At the moment, more than 15 percent of the… Continue reading Water

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7 decades back on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, I wrote this article about the thoughts in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Now I went back to the letter and re-read it, and another section stood out , one which is really deep well beyond the context of civil rights: We’re caught in an inescapable network of… Continue reading Mutuality

Digital Bearer Assets

I spent time on the previous couple of days with different entrepreneurs that are building crypto or”net 3″ programs well outside the fiscal area. Among the takeaways for me was of the significant role that electronic”bearer” resources will play in producing new experiences in web 3. From bearer resources, I suggest that you show them… Continue reading Digital Bearer Assets

Form, Storm, Norm, Perform

I was outside with some friends over the summer, one of whom is a school soccer coach, and we had been talking about what it is that makes great teams great. I enjoy speaking to to coaches and those who have played for good coaches (just ask Ryan about how I always bug him for… Continue reading Form, Storm, Norm, Perform

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