• 24h Volume:$462,059
  • Market Cap:$38.76 M
  • 1h %:0.39%
  • 1d %:13.97%
  • 7d %:10.45%
  • 1m %:-17.66%


Zclassic is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is a fork of Zcash, a privacy focussed cryptocurrency designed to hide the identity of users. Much like Zcash, Zclassic boasts a zero-knowledge proving scheme based on open source technology, providing for both anonymous and selective transparency transactions. However, unlike Zcash, Zclassic doesn’t have a 20% fee for their founders which means that all mining rewards go directly to miners. In addition to that, Zclassic also has no “slow start” rate which implies that, unlike Zcash, there is no decreased block reward for the first blocks mined and no gradual increase in the reward with time. Zclassic offers the ability to generate shielded addresses as an alternative to conventional addresses (which are transparent). Both types of addresses can be used to send transactions to either shielded or conventional addresses. Shielded addresses provide evidence of ownership without disclosing which units are held.

Zclassic started in November 2016 as a fork of Zcash just eight days after Zcash's own release. Zclassic has no formal governing body and boasts a democratic, community-driven system of decision-making. Zclassic uses much of the same source code as Zcash, but with no special access rights to selected groups. Zclassic was developed in parallel to Zcash up till August 2017.

Network Statistics

Start Date11-06-16

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ZClassic Pricing Data

24h Volume$462,059
24h Change13.97%
Market Cap$38.76 M
Current Supply4.45 M
Total Supply4.45 M
ICO Date:11-06-16