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XtraBYtes is a blockchain-based module platform that allows various services and applications to be launched and hosted on its network. The XtraBYtes blockchain uses a Proof-of-Signature consensus, with a group of Master Nodes signing every transaction to verify its authenticity. These nodes are called “STATIC” nodes and every single one of them must sign a transaction for it to be verified. All applications of the XtraBYtes network must be serviced by at least one of these STATIC nodes, and all of the nodes are connected through the VITALS network. The VITALS network connects all nodes near-instantly through its private communication network to ensure that the blockchain stays synchronized.

XtraBYtes (XBY) are the digital coins that STATIC nodes must hold (in large amounts) and these coins are used to power blockchain application functions.

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Start Date 04/10/17

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ICO Date: 04/10/17