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Worldcore is an online payment institution that allows users to send and receive money effortlessly with low (or zero, in the case of internal Worldcore transactions) fees. Biometric data is a key feature of Worldcore, since users are able to authenticate payments through use of their voice or face. A debit card can be issued to make payments at merchants that accept debit or credit cards. Worldcore aims to be different than other similar companies by launching an ICO to increase its transparency and make payments more simple and secure. Users will be able to send and lend money peer-to-peer over the Worldcore network (which runs on the Ethereum blockchain).

Worldcore (WRC) Ethereum token holders will receive 30% of Worldcore’s annual profits together with annual financial reports.

Core Statistics

Location: Kremencova 186/7, Prague 1, Prague, 1100
Country: Czech Republic

Worldcore Pricing Data

ICO Price: $0.10
ICO Date: 14/10/17