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vSlice is an Ethereum-based gaming token platform that is built using smart contracts. Investors can invest in and contribute to the development of smart contract-based games through the vSlice platform. If the game projects are successful, investors can receive a return on their investment. vSlice aims to be a platform similar to Kickstarter with regard to the crowdfunding aspect, but different in the way investors are rewarded, since investors can profit if a crowdfunded project succeeds on vSlice. vSlice token holders can also receive an amount of the profit made by vDice (50% is distributed to investors), vSlice’s own smart contract game.

vSlice (VSL) is the token that can be used to invest in the smart contract games on vSlice’s crowdfunding platform, and it also represents a share in vDice.

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Start Date 11/15/2016

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Email info@vslice.io

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ICO Date: 11/15/2016