Viacoin VIA 
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  • 24h Volume: $65,420.90
  • Market Cap: $7.36 M
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  • 7d %: 5.14%
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Viacoin is a relatively fast and flexible cryptocurrency that is built on the Bitcoin Core. Viacoin adds a variety of extra features to Bitcoin’s Core code, including faster transaction times through its Proof-of-Publication consensus, micro-transaction support, and a ClearingHouse settlement protocol. The ClearingHouse settlement protocol is decentralized and allows users to issue custom assets, trade peer-to-peer with other users, and perform meta transactions. Viacoin will soon implement a Lightning Network layer that is offchain and allows for instant transactions through payment channels. Built-in Tor support and a transaction trickle feature (which only sends one transaction per address of a wallet) provides a layer of privacy and anonymity for users.

Viacoin (VIA) is the digital asset that can be sent peer-to-peer and used to pay transaction fees.

Network Statistics

Proof PoW
Alogrithm Scrypt
Start Date 7/18/2014

Core Statistics


Viacoin Pricing Data

Price $0.31804
24h Volume $65,420.90
24h Change 0.10%
Market Cap $7.36 M
Current Supply 23.13 M
Total Supply 23.13 M
ICO Date: 7/18/2014