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WeTrust is a trusted lending circles platform that aims to benefit the people and the community in which each circle operates. Lending (or funding) circles are essentially groups of people that come together to lend money to each other in a healthy and beneficial way with low to no fees. ROSCA is the first type of lending circle that WeTrust will implement, with other extra services such as credit profiles, decentralized peer-to-peer lending, and community risk sharing being implemented at a later stage. The purpose of the lending is to serve as a social safety net which keeps its savings in the local community without needing any third party.

WeTrust (TRST) is the token that rewards anyone that facilitates trust and is paid by anyone who uses the Trust network.

Core Statistics

Location: California
Country: United States
Founder(s) Hoang Nguyen, George Li, Patrick Long, Ron Merom
Email patrick@wetrust.io

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