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Summary is a blockchain-based trading and exchange platform with the aim of revolutionizing the cryptocurrency trading market. Other projects are able to launch their own ICOs on and receive funding as well get extra exposure. The trading platform seeks to democratize trading by putting the traders first, with low fees, efficient trading tools, high security, and almost complete transparency characterizing the exchange. is not limited to cryptocurrencies, however, since it will also be offering traders the ability to participate in Forex and CFDs over assets such as oil, metals, commodities, equities, and more. At least 120 commodities are made available to users from the launch in an effort to completely cover all areas that a user may want to trade in. A liquidity pool exists to incentivize users to provide more liquidity to the various markets on the exchange, with 50% of liquidity pool profits going to users (in proportion to how much the user invested in the pool). The liquidity pool is used to provide the margin trading service, through which traders can receive funding for their trades.

The entire platform is built around fostering a stable and regulated environment for traders, which in turn will attract many real-world businesses to invest in this platform to reach a wider audience with their assets. A Seed and Venture Fund invests in blockchain projects and technologies that want to list their asset on the exchange. Trade (TIO) Ethereum tokens, sold during the ICO and required to access the features of the platform, will act as both a medium of exchange and a store of value, giving users access to the liquidity pool and the ability to participate in ICOs on the platform. These tokens will also be used to represent real-world assets on the platform.

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Location: Zug
Country: Switzerland

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