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  • 24h Volume: $533,092
  • Market Cap: $20.18 M
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Storj is a blockchain and peer-to-peer cloud storage platform. Users can securely store files on its network of peers, costing around $0.015 per month per gigabyte of storage and $0.05 per gigabyte of bandwidth used. All files are end-to-end encrypted and securely distributed to various peers (called Storj Share nodes) in pieces called “shards” in order to promote redundancy. Because it removes the need for a central third-party that controls the data, Storj mitigates most traditional storage failures and provides users with more privacy, security, and control. The blockchain technology of Storj brings open-source transparency together with decentralization to the file storage world.

Storj (STORJ) tokens are built on Ethereum (ERC20 compliant) and are used to pay Storj Share nodes every month.

Network Statistics

Proof PoS
Alogrithm Counterparty
Start Date 7/18/2014

Core Statistics

Location: Mableton, Georgia
Country: United States
Founder(s) John Quinn, Shawn Wilkinson, Jim Lowry, James Prestwich, Tome Boshevski

Storj Pricing Data

Price $0.14863
24h Volume $533,092
24h Change 1.95%
Market Cap $20.18 M
Current Supply 135.79 M
Total Supply 425.00 M
ICO Date: 7/18/2014