Spectrecoin XSPEC 
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  • 24h Volume: $10,042.60
  • Market Cap: $5.16 M
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  • 1d %: -10.81%
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Spectrecoin is a decentralized, privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that was designed to facilitate completely anonymous transactions. To avoid the need for work to be done for transactions to occur, Spectrecoin was released using the Proof-of-Stake (V3) consensus algorithm. Network privacy is achieved through a fully integrated Tor+OBFS4 layer which mask transactions from censors and eavesdroppers. In terms of real world use, this means all Spectrecoin transactions are kept within the Tor network at all times, while also enabling users in countries like Iran and China (where Tor is blocked) to utilize Spectrecoin without detection. Spectrecoin features stealth addresses and ring signatures. The latter seeks to make it impossible for any entity to determine the original source of funds of a transaction, thereby making all transactions anonymous. All nodes on the Spectrecoin network function as Tor hidden services. No exit nodes are permitted, and all communication between nodes are encrypted. Due to the incorporation of OBFS4, all transactions and traffic on the network appear as “normal” internet traffic.

Users send Spectrecoin (XSPEC) over the Spectrecoin network using Tor, but it is not necessary to download the Tor browser bundle to utilize the wallet. Any transactions made from stealth addresses are not visible on the public blockchain.

Network Statistics

Proof PoS
Alogrithm POS 3.0
Start Date 12-04-16

Core Statistics

Spectrecoin Pricing Data

Price $0.23006
24h Volume $10,042.60
Market Cap $5.16 M
Current Supply 22.45 M
Total Supply 22.45 M
ICO Date: 12-04-16