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$0.24834 USD -2.19%

  • 24h Volume: $5,877.55
  • Market Cap: $3.32 M
  • 1h %: -2.19%
  • 1d %: -2.19%
  • 7d %: -2.80%
  • 1m %:0.00%
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Shift is a decentralized web 3.0 platform built on a Delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain with the goal of creating a new and open world wide web. Decentralized applications can be built on the Shift blockchain, with an “interplanetary” file system already existing on it. The new world wide web that Shift aims to build will fight against the privatization of the existing Internet through the creation of a decentralized and uncensored platform. Users are able to send and store files peer-to-peer, and users that store data for others can receive rewards for it. The “new web” will be entirely free, without any advertising, tracking, or data gathering. Delegate nodes in the DPoS consensus are limited to 101.

Shift (SHIFT) is the digital asset of the Shift platform which can be sent peer-to-peer as a currency and paid in return for file hosting services.

Network Statistics

Proof DPoS
Alogrithm DPoS
Start Date 12-10-16

Core Statistics


Shift Pricing Data

Price $0.24834
24h Volume $5,877.55
Market Cap $3.32 M
Current Supply 13.36 M
Total Supply 13.36 M
ICO Date: 12-10-16