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Rubycoin is a digital cryptocurrency built on an energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake blockchain. Users that hold Rubycoin in their wallets and allow their coins to be staked on the network can receive a 5% annual return on their money. All transactions are peer-to-peer over the decentralized Rubycoin network, and transactions are relatively fast thanks to the Proof-of-Stake consensus. Blocks of the Rubycoin blockchain get confirmed every one and a half minutes, with staking rewards also being paid out at that time. A Rubycoin growth fund with 1.2 million coins was created to fund growth, development, and marketing. The growth fund slowly increases in size as it earns stake rewards.

Rubycoin (RBY) is the digital coin of the Rubycoin blockchain that can be staked on the network, sent between users, and used to pay transaction fees.

Network Statistics

Proof PoS
Alogrithm Scrypt
Start Date 24/02/2014

Core Statistics

Founder(s) Jim Nguyen

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