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Rialto is an arbitrage and market maker platform built for the cryptocurrency community. The Rialto team, made up of data scientists, trading economists and signal processing experts, are developing algorithms for arbitrage and charge a fee for every transaction. Arbitrage is the purchasing of an asset on one exchange and then immediately selling it on another for a profit. They aim to become the cryptocurrency world’s largest market maker by increasing market efficiency and connecting cryptocurrency markets. Rialto provides liquidity for its users, matches orders near instantly, and increases efficiency by narrowing the gaps in a market’s liquidity. Rialto is also developing an AI “tradebot” that will recognize market shifts before they occur.

Rialto (XRL) is the Ethereum-based token that grants a holder ownership rights to the Rialto software and tools.

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Start Date 01-01-01

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ICO Date: 01-01-01