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  • 24h Volume: $12,904.50
  • Market Cap: $3.97 M
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  • 1d %: 4.69%
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Primecoin is a decentralized blockchain with its own cryptocurrency that is distributed through a mining market. Based on the Bitcoin Core code, Primecoin uses a somewhat different Proof-of-Work consensus, rewarding miners that find prime numbers while also securing the network and minting new coins. Special prime number chains called Cunningham chains and bi-twin chains are sought after, therefore users earn money while contributing to mathematical and scientific research. The harder the prime number is to find, the more the reward for ir is. The symbol of Primecoin, Ψ, is the Greek letter psi, added as a tribute to a mathematician who made ground-breaking discoveries with regard to prime numbers. Anyone can query the blockchain for prime numbers.

Primecoin (XPM) is the digital coin that miners get rewarded in by discovering prime numbers.

Network Statistics

Proof PoW
Alogrithm Multiple
Start Date 07/07/13

Core Statistics

Primecoin Pricing Data

Price $0.13829
24h Volume $12,904.50
24h Change 4.69%
Market Cap $3.97 M
Current Supply 28.70 M
Total Supply 28.70 M
ICO Date: 07/07/13