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Pascal Coin PASC 
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  • 24h Volume: $228,517
  • Market Cap: $13.39 M
  • 1h %: -1.54%
  • 1d %: -3.46%
  • 7d %: -8.46%
  • 1m %:112.89%
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Pascal Coin is a scalable cryptocurrency blockchain built from the ground-up with its own codebase. This blockchain is built with near-infinite scalability capability in mind, with Pascal Coin being able to process over one hundred transactions per second. A technology called SafeBox is used to keep the blockchain small in size (storing only the last one hundred blocks) while maintaining the cryptographic integrity of the blocks before the newest hundred. In essence, the Pascal Coin blockchain only stores the flow of transactions instead of their history. A Double-Spend-Detection-Service will be implemented in order to prevent fraud and allow instant zero-confirmation transactions. Using the 2-Layer protocol, other blockchains could exist as sidechains to Pascal Coin.

Pascal Coin (PASC) is the digital coin that can be sent peer-to-peer over the Proof-of-Work blockchain.

Network Statistics

Start Date 11/08/16

Core Statistics

Pascal Coin Pricing Data

Price $0.58853
24h Volume $228,517
Market Cap $13.39 M
Current Supply 22.75 M
Total Supply 22.75 M
ICO Date: 11/08/16