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Beyond The Void is a competitive strategy game which has its own decentralized in-game economy. This economy, powered by the Nexium token, allows users to buy and sell items that can be gained through playing the game. All trading is done peer-to-peer between users on the marketplace through smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain. Some Nexium tokens are destroyed (“burnt”) as purchases are made on this marketplace. All tokens will be issued quickly instead of being minted over a long period of time, with seventy million of the one hundred million supply being issued during the ICO crowdsale. Fifteen million are allocated for promotion, and the remaining fifteen million for the developers of the project.

Nexium (NXC) is the Ethereum token that powers the ecosystem and marketplace of the Beyond The Void game.

Network Statistics

Start Date 2/29/2016

Core Statistics

Location: 19 rue Père Chevrier, 69007 LYON FRANCE.
Country: FRANCE
Founder(s) Jamie Cheng

Nexium Pricing Data

ICO Date: 2/29/2016