Mysterium MYST 
$0.05313 USD -7.82%

  • 24h Volume: $1,209.28
  • Market Cap: $1.26 M
  • 1h %: 0.30%
  • 1d %: -7.82%
  • 7d %: 16.95%
  • 1m %:0.00%
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Mysterium is decentralized marketplace network for the trading of network traffic among users. Because users can purchase unused network traffic and connections from other users, the service essentially serves as a way for users to rent their own Virtual Private Network (VPN) and secure internet connection. These VPN Nodes form the Mysterium Network and run open-source software to ensure transparency. The architecture of Mysterium includes peer-to-peer technologies, a blockchain with smart contracts, and state channels. Nodes can earn Node Reputation if they serve the community well, and the network constantly scales up as new Nodes become part of it.

Mysterium (MYST) is the token that Nodes of the Mysterium Network will be paid in return for their services, and users can also use Mysterium tokens to pay for services.

Network Statistics

Start Date 01-05-17

Core Statistics

Location: Zug
Country: Switzerland
Founder(s) Robertas Visinskis

Mysterium Pricing Data

Price $0.05313
24h Volume $1,209.28
Market Cap $1.26 M
Current Supply 23.67 M
Total Supply 32.43 M
ICO Date: 01-05-17