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Musicoin is a non-profit blockchain project aiming to bring transparency and fairness to the music industry (since they subscribe to the principle of Sharism). On the Musicoin ecosystem, music artists can publish and monetize their works and get paid directly. A smart contract is used to execute a usage function (which sends a payment) every time somebody listens to a musician’s music. No third parties or monthly fees are involved, and all income generated goes straight to the artist’s pocket through the transparent smart contracts and transactions. Users don’t need to pay fees to listen to music, therefore Musicoin is freely available to anyone, anywhere.

Musicoin (MC) is the digital coin of the Musicoin platform that music artists get rewarded in through the Pay-Per-Play system.

Network Statistics

Proof PoW
Alogrithm Ethash
Start Date 13/02/2017

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ICO Date: 13/02/2017