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Moeda Loyalty Points MDA 
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  • 24h Volume: $1.27 M
  • Market Cap: $12.63 M
  • 1h %: -1.10%
  • 1d %: 0.35%
  • 7d %: 10.40%
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Moeda is an Ethereum-powered cooperative banking platform that allows users to send peer-to-peer payments, thus assisting people that live in areas where banking services aren’t easily available. Its primary focus is to provide a payment and remittance (workers working in foreign countries sending money back home) network to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to reach their monetary goals. Users can take out micro business loans by simply using a smartphone application and build their digital identity and creditworthiness at the same time. The Moeda platform is part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals program and has also partnered with various others NGOs and charity organizations.

Moeda Loyalty Points (MDA) are the fiat pegged Ethereum tokens that can be sent peer-to-peer and used in loans.

Core Statistics

Founder(s) Taynaah Reis

Moeda Loyalty Points Pricing Data

Price $0.64320
24h Volume $1.27 M
24h Change 0.35%
Market Cap $12.63 M
Current Supply 19.63 M
Total Supply 19.63 M