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Golos is a cryptocurrency token and social blogging platform that exists as a sidechain of the Steem platform. Users can create posts and articles on the Golos platform and then publish them on the Golos website. On the website, users can see a list of posts and vote on those they like (or report those they feel break the site’s rules), and the more Golos a user that votes holds, the more “power” their vote has. After a set period of time, the user that published the post receives rewards based upon the “power” of the votes on their post. No Golos is taken from voters, thus incentivizing them to vote on more posts and support other users without needing to be selfish.

Golos (GOLOS) is the digital token that the post rewards of the Golos platform are paid out in.

Network Statistics

Proof PoW
Start Date 9/22/2016

Core Statistics

Founder(s) Alex Sitnikov

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ICO Date: 9/22/2016