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Florincoin is an open-source blockchain which utilizes Bitcoin and Litecoin codebases to power its transactions. However, Florincoin has also expanded on this code to allow transaction comments to be stored on its network by sending transactions. This feature and the API tools form the foundation on which decentralized applications can be built. Even though these transaction comments add more weight to the blockchain blocks, Florincoin has optimized other aspects of the blockchain to speed up transactions. Transactions can be mined by nodes through the Proof-of-Work consensus of the blockchain. Alexandria, the first decentralized application of Florincoin, lets users publish and monetize content on its distributed library.

Florincoin (FLO) is the native coin of the Florincoin blockchain that can be sent peer-to-peer and used to power decentralized applications.

Network Statistics

Proof PoW
Alogrithm Scrypt
Start Date 17-07-13

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ICO Date: 17/07/13