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Etheroll is a blockchain casino and gambling platform that is provably fair, with only a 1% house edge over the user. The Etheroll platform is built entirely on Ethereum smart contracts, meaning that all its code is open-source and public. Users don’t need to sign up or make deposits to use Etheroll; all they need is an Ethereum wallet with enough funds for placing a bet. A 100-side dice is rolled after a bet of a certain amount of Ether is placed, and each result is cryptographically verified to be pseudo-random (as random as possible). However, users will need to use a Mist browser that is connected to the Ethereum blockchain to access Etheroll.

Etheroll (DICE) is the Ethereum token through which investors can receive a percentage of the 1% house edge profit of Etheroll.

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Start Date 5/15/2017

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ICO Date: 5/15/2017