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Augmentors is an augmented reality game that is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. The project first decided to integrate the Bitcoin blockchain into its system after they approached investors who agreed to invest in the game only if they used blockchain technology to power the funding and rarity side of the game. 70% of the one hundred million supply of Databit tokens were sold during the Augmentors initial coin offering (ICO), with the other 30% being spent on marketing and development. Using Databit tokens, users can purchase the blockchain-based creatures, relics, and skins. These purchased items can then be either used in the game or re-sold to other users.

Databits (DTB) are the Bitcoin-based digital tokens that were sold to fund the Augmentors game and can be used to buy various in-game items.

Network Statistics

Start Date 1/19/2017

Core Statistics

Location: Durban
Country: South Africa
Founder(s) Vinny Lingham

Databits Pricing Data

ICO Date: 1/19/2017