CloakCoin CLOAK 
$0.21072 USD 2.34%

  • 24h Volume: $10,474.30
  • Market Cap: $1.12 M
  • 1h %: -0.93%
  • 1d %: 2.34%
  • 7d %: -3.37%
  • 1m %:0.00%
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CloakCoin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency with a focus on private, secure, decentralized, and untraceable transactions. The CloakCoin blockchain uses onion routing to send its anonymous transactions peer-to-peer, and it also includes an off-chain coin mixing service called ENIGMA. A Proof-of-Stake consensus is used to power transactions and the ENIGMA mixer service. Because it doesn’t use a Proof-of-Work consensus, users don’t need to trust any third parties with their coins or transactions. Through the CloakCoin Partner Network, merchants and other businesses can start accepting CloakCoin as payment for products or services.

CloakCoin (CLOAK) is the digital asset that can be sent peer-to-peer anonymously and securely, and users can stake it on the Proof-of-Stake consensus for 6% rewards (users can also receive extra rewards when staking on the ENIGMA mixer service).

Network Statistics

Proof PoW/PoS
Alogrithm X13
Start Date 04-05-14

Core Statistics

CloakCoin Pricing Data

Price $0.21072
24h Volume $10,474.30
24h Change 2.34%
Market Cap $1.12 M
Current Supply 5.33 M
Total Supply 5.33 M
ICO Date: 04-05-14