Clams CLAM 
$3.81 USD -7.39%

  • 24h Volume: $81,823.50
  • Market Cap: $13.93 M
  • 1h %: 4.13%
  • 1d %: -7.39%
  • 7d %: -1.83%
  • 1m %:0.00%
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CLAMs is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency built using the Bitcoin Core code. Users that held more than a certain small amount (called “dust”) in a Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin wallet on May 12th 2014 are eligible for receiving a proportional amount of CLAMS. This process aims to distribute CLAMS to a wide audience by essentially offering them “free money”. All CLAMS were distributed fairly among over three million addresses. The initial distribution is done through a Proof-of-Chain consensus (wherein a user has to “prove” that they own an address to receive CLAMS), and the CLAMS are sent over its network using a Proof-of-Stake consensus. Approximately every minute a node is selected to confirm recent transactions, and that node then receives 1 CLAM as a reward.

CLAMS (CLAM) are the digital coins of the CLAMs network that can be redeemed and sent peer-to-peer.

Network Statistics

Proof PoW
Start Date 5/24/2014

Core Statistics

Clams Pricing Data

Price $3.81
24h Volume $81,823.50
Market Cap $13.93 M
Current Supply 3.65 M
Total Supply 17.28 M
ICO Date: 5/24/2014