Chronobank TIME 
$1.91 USD 3.54%

  • 24h Volume: $56,191.20
  • Market Cap: $1.35 M
  • 1h %: 0.19%
  • 1d %: 3.54%
  • 7d %: 0.12%
  • 1m %:-50.75%
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ChronoBank is a business-focused blockchain project that aims to revolutionize the human resources, recruitment, and finance aspects of companies. ChronoBank uses blockchain technologies to create an alternative to traditional financial systems: time-based currencies. The primary focus of ChronoBank is short-term recruitment, connecting businesses and potential employees in a decentralized and rewarding way. Labour-Hour (LH) tokens are used to tokenize real labour and allow it to be easily traded. The ChronoBank ecosystem will be built on the Ethereum, Waves, and NEM blockchains. LaborX, a job marketplace, will be created to enable users to trade labour hours for LH tokens.

ChronoBank (TIME) tokens are Ethereum tokens that were sold in the ChronoBank ICO. They represent a share in the profits of the platform and allow holders to participate in governance.

Network Statistics

Start Date 12/08/16

Core Statistics

Country: Australia
Founder(s) Sergei Sergienko

Chronobank Pricing Data

Price $1.91
24h Volume $56,191.20
24h Change 3.54%
Market Cap $1.35 M
Current Supply 710,113
Total Supply 710,113
ICO Date: 12/08/16