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Spells of Genesis is a blockchain-based trading card game which has both its storyline and its in-game economy built on a blockchain. Trading cards can be collected by users and used to fight against other players in the game’s world. All the cards are allegorical, meaning that each card represents something or someone important in the blockchain world, and these cards can be purchased using Spells of Genesis’ own cryptocurrency (called Bitcrystals) or other cryptocurrencies. Trades are made peer-to-peer on the decentralized in-game economy, with each player having full ownership of their own cards and items. The entire Spells of Genesis platform is built on Counterparty, with each card having its own unique token.

Bitcrystals (BCY) is the primary Counterparty token that powers the Spells of Genesis in-game economy.

Network Statistics

Alogrithm Counterparty
Start Date 02/06/15

Core Statistics

Location: Geneva
Country: Switzerland
Founder(s) Shaban Shaame

Bitcrystals Pricing Data

ICO Date: 02/06/15