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Aidos Kuneen is a decentralized cryptocurrency project that primarily focuses on providing security, privacy and stability to its users. The Aidos Kuneen transaction system makes transactions virtually untraceable. This transaction system is built on a directed mesh which uses I2P (a popular anonymity network) as an underlying network layer. Transactions are further anonymized through through the AKshuffle technology, making them “100% invisible”. Due to the nature of Aidos Kuneen, there are no fees and all the technologies are open source. Aidos Kuneen is also ready to be used by the Internet of Things, where it will be able to create an entire ecosystem of devices.

Aidos Kuneen (ADK) is the digital asset that can be sent over the Aidos Kuneen network and used to power microtransactions.

Network Statistics

Start Date 06-06-17

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Email Ricardo Badoer

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Initial Funds Raised: No ICO (genesis)
ICO Date: 06-06-17