I’m in the Netherlands this week, grabbing up the Leap technology team that’s located here in Utrecht, also attending an IoT seminar that Helium is going to probably be in in Amsterdam.

I’ve always loved it , primarily due to the close connection to the water.

At the moment, more than 15 percent of the country is under sea level, and just about 50 percent of the nation is greater than one meter over sea level (based on Wikipedia).

Amsterdam and Utrecht, in which I’ve spent time, are intensely linked to the water. Canals weave between all of the roads, most of which are lined with houseboats (such as the one I’m staying in, as a result of Airbnb). Whereas walking across the majority of other cities where that which you detect are automobiles and trucks, here, you detect boats and bicycles. It is just incredibly lovely.

I was in a dinner last week and put into a conversation regarding what’s it, precisely, making the water link so strong. I really don’t know if everyone feels this way, however once I’m near or about the waterI feel different, much better. Something concerning the flowing openness of this, I figure.

Obviously, being near the water is perilous. Venice, portions of the Midwest, big portions of Southeast Asia, are flooding. Water is harmful, and much more is coming.

So far as the Dutch are worried, I genuinely hope they can find out to safeguard the gorgeous way of life they’ve established here, carefully on the water. It’s amazing and distinctive, and I’m blessed to have the ability to encounter it while it lasts.

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