The Great Shift to Video

It’s been astonishing (and mostly encouraging) to see virtually every activity which may be shifted to video start to go there. Within the past few days, in our home, we have seen the following:

  • Piano lesson over FaceTime
  • Band clinic over Zoom
  • Many company calls over Zoom
  • Scavenger hunt over FaceTime
  • Academic and enjoyable courses on Outschool (additionally Zoom)
  • Virtual cocktail over Zoom
  • Coloring contest (3 mark challenge) over FaceTime

The USV group Slack, that has been mostly dormant for recent history, is entertaining and vibrant at the moment.

Everyone is at home, and a great deal of people are linked to video. So it is really easy to reach people, and everybody is searching for social connection.

A great deal of people who have not tried it are attempting it. For most use cases, this will become a new habit and an proper means to do more things moving forward.

Needless to say, not everything will or should change to online/video.

This is a terribly hard time, and it is tough to even contemplate the financial consequences that will come from it. But it’s also reassuring to see people learn new behaviours that might be extremely beneficial in the long term.

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