The Friendly Wake-up Call

Last year around this timeI had a leading medical scare that shook me quite hard. The facts do not matter, however, the takeaway was that later I felt blessed to haven’t had a more severe problem, despite having a poor situation that was completely preventable. It turned out to be a wake-up telephone.

Last weekI had been at the Netherlands, also as always, was enraptured by the water. The water is, naturally, a significant danger to the Netherlands and has been for decades, therefore as a consequence the Dutch are famous for their water technology art and forethought. Thomas delivered me this informative article on 21st century Dutch water control with respect to climate change, which impacts the Dutch method of water management.

“Throughout Gustav, the amount has been all the way around this,” Van Ledden states, putting his hand just beneath the surface of the wall. “And Gustav was only a friendly wake-up telephone. In 50 decades, when the sea level goes up 1 or 2 11/2 ft, the amount for this storm could be here,” he says, holding his hands nicely over the cover of the flood wall.

A”friendly wake-up telephone” is something which’s frightening enough to put you straight, but not bad enough to do actual harm. It’s and incredibly handy thing. Hopefully it shouldn’t ever come to this, but I discover that it is human nature to push matters into their natural limitations before some type of wake-up telephone ignites a correction.

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