The Discuss on Twitter WordPress Plugin

I have been growing it over the past few months Together with Fred Wilson and Kirk Love as part of the launching of AVC 3.0 that went up yesterday. It’s now live on this site, in addition to AVC and also

The idea is really simple: whenever you publish a new article, the article is auto-tweeted to your accounts. Then, you receive a”Discuss on Twitter” button on your article, which will prompt an answer to the auto-tweet, in addition to a”View Discussions” button that will link into the Twitter thread.

Twitter is a natural place to go over long-form content on the net, and transferring blog commenting to Twitter can both engage people in a natural manner and help expand reach and distribution.

I must pause here and note that the essential WP/Twitter functionality is supplied by the awesome WP to Twitter plugin made by Joe Dolson. Joe’s plugin does all of the heavy lifting of authenticating with twitter and teeing up the tweets. It is really configurable and pleasant.

This is alpha software (Version 0.3 to be exact ), so we’re still analyzing and tuning. Totally open to comments, so please send any thoughts on github or from the comments….


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