The 1k Project

It’s been a long couple of months, and lots of people’s lives are turned upside down in untold ways.

One way to help is through the 1k Job . The 1k Project matches sponsors with families & individuals in need, using a $1k / month for 3 months version. Recipients are sourced via the Job’s trusted network, and contributions are anonymous, unrestricted gifts delivered through GoFundMe. I am sponsoring a family beginning this month.

I am a huge believer in unrestricted money as the ideal way of channeling support to people in need. For the same reason I think in Universal Basic Income, I feel that each and every individual is aware of what they want money for and how to use it, and with no measure of money flexibility could be a lifesaver. You can find a sense of the effects of the 1k Project from some of those tales from recipients.

If you want to join me, by nominating a family or person in need, by becoming a sponsor yourself, or in the event you could use financial assistance from the 1k Project network, you can do some of these things here.

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