Adversarial Interoperability

I’ve been frustrated that there have appeared to be two parallel and separate conversations happening: the”traditional” digital rights / net freedom community speaking about”re-decentralizing the net” and the blockchain/crypto community working on precisely the identical thing. I like the EFF’s recent work since they’re connecting both discussions, and their year in review is a fantastic place to begin on that.

An integral link in the EFF review will be to Cory Doctorow’s work on Adversarial Interoperability, which studies the history of interoperability of technical systems and each of the commercial, policy and legal conflicts that harbor ensued for this.

In this article from the Adversarial Interoperability series, Cory details the various sorts of interoperability and the dynamics . His mantra is”Repair the world wide web, not the Tech Companies” and I could not agree more.

I believe, and we’ve mentioned at USV many times, that driving interoperability is the best and best means to restrict the power of major tech companies, which in the modern environment we should concentrate on”dividing the information, not the businesses.” .

Which demonstrates that from a historical perspective, these”open” or”interoperability” technology are the driver in dividing each age’s dominant monopoly.

It’s the exact same now, and Cory’s and EFF’s excellent work on the subject adds plenty of depth to the analysis.

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