The dangers of unstoppable code

One of my favourite novels is Steven Johnson’s Where Great Ideas Come From — punchline is: invention is typically not one”eureka” moment, but instead an accumulation of several years of cumulative discovery. Another idea from the book is that the Adjacent Potential : basically, we are able to innovate just with what we could see and touch now. However, by innovating at the border, we always extend the border of what is possible: For more on how this theory applies not only to”net 3″ (crypto/blockchains) but how it performed looking back at the history of technology (internet 2.0, planes, automobiles, etc), here’s our article .

The strange and beautiful truth about the next possible is that its bounds grow as you explore them. Every new combination opens up the possibility of additional new combinations. Dani and I have been spending a whole lot of time lately thinking about the connection between infrastructure and applications. You need infrastructure to construct programs, but often times you do not really understand what sort of infrastructure is required until you build some programs . By way of instance, we did not get AWS (the infrastructure) till we’d Amazon (the program ). Quite often, the early innovators will need to build all of the infrastructure themselves in order to create the app they would like to build. And then helps lead the way for the next generation of infrastructure: taking what was assembled for a killer program and offering it up to everybody.

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