Getting hands-on

One of my favourite things to do is get my hands into some thing and work out how it works, whether that is a program, or a gadget, or a home.

By way of instance, over the last few months I have been renovating our basement, turning an unfinished, dank storage space to a playroom for the children. This is my friend Ned, along with my son, as we had been pouring the new concrete floor over the summer:

There are several details to find out, and appreciating the last result, when you understand precisely how much work went into it, is indeed gratifying.

Perhaps above all, getting hands on with anything is (for me ) the best way to learn. Same goes for each and every thing I have learned over the years (deeper in technology, legal, investing, crypto, etc). 

I’ve been considering this in the context of investing. Looking back through time, in the times when I have felt that the most powerful sense of certainty about an opportunity, it is the times when I used to be the most hands-on I felt it the most powerful. 

At USV, we strive to be users of each new platform that we invest in (in some cases this is simpler than others). It’s easy to say that, but also easy to forget it sometimes, particularly in regions which are really new. But there’s just no substitute for upcoming things that way, for me at least.

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