The joy of fixing things up

I’m on a plane at the moment, seeing house renovation shows on HGTV, considering how much pleasure it would be to fix up things.

Doing jobs around the home (past year I constructed an outdoor staircase and created fresh kitchen countertops, the year before that I constructed a mudroom), coding and buding programs, and functioning w founders to enhance businesses (what we thus in USV) are the same — starting with some thing with guarantee, viewing the vision to the possible, and performing the job to fix this up.

It’s just so gratifying, so enjoyable, so rewarding. Additionally, it is frightening and stressful, filled with unknowns.

I learned just how to code reading novels, using open source code, also from profiting from the questions and replies if innumerable others on pile overflow.I learned how to construct and fix houses from a brief stint working in building after school, but today largely by viewing videos on YouTube.

But point is merely that creating things, and repairing things, is the ideal. It is my favourite thing to do, and exactly what I intend to perform in as many ways as I could, so long as I can.

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