Optimizing for energy

In the world of startups and investing and thoughts, things are always chaotic and fluid, and as such a key ability is to somehow cut through the noise and find focus. 

This might be true in other areas, but I find it to be particularly true on the investing side, where scenarios are undefined, and you will find infinity thoughts and directions to explore. On the other hand, things are somewhat more bounded, but there are always huge questions about focus and direction.

I find myself spending lots of personal time working on my mindstate, and seeking to find ways to aid with this challenge. 1 thing I’ve tried this year would be to utilize a Volt Planner, which can help you structure goals on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. I’ve discovered this to be incredibly useful, and I will write more that later. 1 immediate observation from utilizing the Volt Planner is that I emerge from each session (on Monday each week) setting a rush of energy, paired with an elevated sense of focus. It’s really wonderful.

And that energy is truly the important thing. It’s the basis for all the minutes and decisions that occur, all day every day. 

So a bit more broadly, I have been considering how important it is to optimize for energy in life. I believe that is a combination of exercise, diet, sleep, and composing. Perhaps that’s clear, and the first three are things that everyone would tell you’re good for your wellbeing. However,”health”, while clearly good and positive (particularly in contrast to major injury or sickness ) is somewhat subjective, and for me , somewhat hard to inspire around on a regular basis. I guess that will change as I get older.

Energy is the basis of doing anything, and it seems as though there are compounding / exponential results to getting more. I am not saying I’ve figured out the way to really muster myself behind this thought on a constant basis (that is the reason why I am writing this), but I think it’s worth figuring out which actions give you more energy and suck it off. 

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