The Next Web Amsterdam: Purpose, Mission & Strategy

Last month, I went into the (most amazing city in the world) Amsterdam, to talk at The second Web Conference. I did two talks, one in a sub-event centered on tech & social problems, on the subject of Data & Power, which I will post as it comes online, and a main stage talk on the subject of Purpose, Mission & Strategy — how to link the three to align efforts within a corporation.

By way of instance, I wrote last week about how Cloudflare is fighting against patent trolls, and how deciding to do this isn’t simply a narrow corporate choice, but a challenging strategic call which draws from the corporation’s sense of mission and purpose (honestly, I clarify that example much better at the article than I did at the talk).

For instance, Brian Armstrong from Coinbase just submitted their long term plan yesterday, and this example I discuss in the conversation. I have been impressed with how Coinbase’s efforts are aligned internally, and from how Brian has connected the provider’s purpose and the plan.

You can watch the whole movie (about 25 minutes ) here:

This was my first time giving this conversation, so naturally there are things I’d song for take two. I would specifically like to thank the amazing people at Praytell who hosted me for a dry run of the conversation and gave me great comments and questions. And of course I want to thank all the USV leaders that, through time, have shared their stories, which were the basis of the talk.

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