A little better every day

It’s been amazing to see that this group of 7 and 8 year olds improve over the course of this season — studying the fundamentals and now beginning to create some pretty great plays.

I had a excellent baseball coach for a kid. I will never forget the sensation of getting the trainer show us the ideal way to throw, and how weird it felt at first, and then how normal it felt . He explained:”practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect”, which has always stuck with me.

It’s the idea in Angela Duckworth’s publication, Grit, that continued, led effort is the thing that gets people from good to great. Making little steps daily, targeted to improve the flaws that you wish to work on.

It really struck me because it’s easy to think that for businesses to grow and be good and large, every improvement must be a giant, instant jump. That’s a tough mindset to shake, as it is just so intuitive, and there’s so much pressure to grow and succeed.

But actually, all you can do is concentrate on getting a bit better each day. And with time, each of these improvements is part of the general improvement, which compounds as it develops.

I believe it can be tough to give yourself the area, and have the patience, to only concentrate on making small improvements daily. But it seems to me like this is a really healthy and productive mindset if you’re able to find it.

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