Introducing Quackpad – simple collaborative docs for teams using Slack

Every month in USV we have an inner hack day, where we work on various fun tech jobs. It’s a wonderful change of pace, and an chance to get a bit closer to the technician we spend the majority of the time talking about.

1 area we have spent some time on lately is building tools for the USV Network. She is the individual router within the portfolio, fitting up abilities, questions, needs, and experiences.

1 persistent problem has been making that record available, hackable and shareable, both throughout the summits and later. Model 1 was a google doc later ported to a Yammer file for archiving. We recently moved the portfolio community from Yammer into Slack, where we’re now approaching 1000 members. As part of this, we decided to see if we could not hack something together with the Slack API to share docs across this large and varied group.

Last week, we assembled a”login with Slack” workflow into, and produced a simple CMS for group-editable files using Firepad (an fantastic open source collaborative record engine built on Firebase). After doing this, we understood it would be just as easy to start up this to anyone, regardless of their Slack team, and the outcome is Quackpad:

It is very easy: visit and sign in using your Slack account. You can make a simple group document that is immediately shareable with anybody else who’s a member of the Slack team (rather than to anybody else).

It’s particularly great for Slack teams composed of individuals from across associations, who would not otherwise have a simple means of sharing docs independently (vs., say, a business, where everybody is on gApps).

So use at your own risk and allow Brittany and me know if you encounter any trouble.

Big props to: Michael Lehenbauer from Firebase, the principal author of Firepad, the entire USV team and community for helping build this and examine it, and Slack for using a really wonderful API to work with.

Enjoy! (and vote this up on Product Hunt! )

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